Jaxon teaches AI how to understand humans

Artificial Intelligence

Optimize your existing manpower


The greatest pain point in optimizing AI efficiency revolves around time spent:

  • Labeling and preparing data
  • Choosing algorithms
  • Training models
  • Testing and retraining completed models

With Jaxon, you can implement domain-specific models in days vs. months

Raw Text In → Trained Model Out

Using raw text data, Jaxon generates a meta-learning model that continuously learns new concepts, contexts, and domain-specific terminology.

Jaxon’s Studio allows users to curate the model(s), impart constraints and other established knowledge, set up training schedules, and iteratively tune Jaxon’s internal pipelines to improve accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence
Jaxon Prelabel Data

Increase model accuracy without extensive data prep

Jaxon vastly improves model performance when pre-labeled training data is minimal.

How you can leverage Jaxon


Automate model creation.
Input Data → Get Model


With a variety of use cases, find one that fits your needs.


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Jaxon serves as a force multiplier for your Data Science teams, helping build more accurate AI dramatically faster at a fraction of the cost

Increases Accuracy


Saves Time


Saves Money

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Jaxon is an AI platform that trains other AI to more accurately understand natural language from raw text.

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